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Our Board & Train program stands as a pinnacle of accelerated canine education, meticulously crafted to
forge a path towards lifelong behavioral mastery. Each bespoke program, ranging from two to four
weeks, is more than just training; it’s an immersive experience where your dog becomes an integral
member of our dedicated training family. Depending on your preference and your pet’s needs, their stay
with us can be at our state-of-the-art daycare facility or in the nurturing environment of our trainers’

What truly sets our program apart is our commitment to transparent and continuous communication
with you, the pet owner. We provide detailed, regular report card updates along with comprehensive
training videos. These updates serve a dual purpose: they offer you a window into the significant strides
your dog is making in their training journey and act as a valuable guide for you. They are designed to
help you understand and reinforce the new behaviors and skills your dog is acquiring, ensuring that the
progress made during their stay with us is sustained in the long term.

A unique feature of our Board & Train program is the inclusion of two tailored, 90-minute handover
lessons. These sessions are meticulously crafted to facilitate a smooth and effective transition as your
dog returns home. The handover lessons are not just a summary of what your dog has learned; they are
interactive and educational experiences for you as well. They equip you with the strategies and insights
needed to continue your dog’s progress and effectively manage any new or emerging behaviors post-
training. This ensures that the benefits of our program extend far beyond the duration of the stay,
fostering a harmonious and enriched relationship between you and your pet.

In choosing our Board & Train program, you are selecting a holistic approach to canine training, one that
values not just the development of your dog but also the strengthening of the bond between you and
your beloved companion. Our goal is to ensure that every dog we train not only achieves behavioral
excellence but also becomes a well-adjusted, happy member of their family.

Training You, To Train Your Dog

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